What is Terrawatu?

Terrawatu is a vision. A vision we put into practice through the work of our organization. We believe there is a way to live that combines timeless indigenous wisdom and modern technology and know-how. And, operating in the world using the combination of indigenous and contemporary ways helps create the foundation for a more peaceful and sustainable global society.

We continue to articulate this way of life, and we learn everyday from the projects we are working on in the villages of East Africa. Through our work with conserving medicinal plants and integrating traditional health practices with allopathic medicine; support for global classroom projects; cross-cultural experiences through our People-to-People Safaris; and writing and dialogue, we combine the positive aspects of disparate cultures to help create a better future. We rely on the ongoing conversations we have with those of you around the world who contribute to this vision and know that together we will continue to inform and inspire those of us working on the environmental and social challenges of today.

How can we visit you in Tanzania?

There are two ways to visit us in Tanzania. Our People-to-People Safaris are custom-made journeys that combine the African wildlife safari experience with in-depth visits to communities. These experiences can include service learning projects. Revenue from the People-to-People Safari company supports the projects of Terrawatu. Those interested in volunteering or working with Terrawatu should contact us about your interest and expertise in the following areas: public relations, grant writing, small business development, and fundraising. Contact us at info@terrawatu.org.

Can we hear more about your work in-person?

Yes. Dr. Tanya Pergola, Terrawatu’s Co-Founder is available for speaking engagements at schools, universities, corporate social responsibility (CSR) departments, travel associations and others interested in Terrawatu’s mission. Dr. Pergola is a very inspirational speaker and gives audiences fascinating and challenging insights into global shifts and strategies for sustainable change. Contact info@terrawatu.org.

Who is funding you?

Terrawatu is supported by project funding, People-to-People Safaris company, family foundations, individual donors and corporate matching funds. In the past, Terrawatu has received funding from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), USAID (United States Agency for International Development), World Bank, Microsoft, and Google. Built into all project plans is the goal of self-sustainability, meaning that once a project is completed, it runs on its own with minimal external financial support.

How can I contribute financially to the projects Terrawatu is currently working on?

Donations can be made by check or on-line through Terrawatu's secure account with Network for Good / PayPal. Go to our contribute page for details. If you would like to discuss a large investment or partnering with a specific project, please contact tanya@terrawatu.org. Terrawatu Inc. is a U.S. Registered 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit Organization. All donations are tax-deductible. EIN 26-0212786

Do you need volunteers to help with your work in Tanzania?

At this time we are relying primarily on local citizens in Tanzania to staff our projects. We do enter into agreements with global volunteers who are able to dedicate two or more months of time in Tanzania and have the skills needed to significantly enhance our activities. Feel free to email us at info@terrawatu.org with your proposal for volunteering your time and expertise.