Tanzanian students at Olchoki Primary School
Tanzanian students at Olchoki Primary School

Almost every scholar and analyst of social problems around the world agrees - without an educated population, sustainable progress will never happen. Sadly, many governments in the developing world - particularly in sub-Saharan Africa - are not currently in a position to properly support the education of their people, even at the most basic level. As a consequence, many people in developing nations are attempting to jump into contemporary life without the skills and knowledge necessary to create a sustainable livelihood.

Tanzania currently has a particularly weak educational system. For those students who are lucky enough to have parents who can afford all of the costs for primary and secondary school, much of the material taught has limited usefulness for the current lifestyle or that of the future. There is a great deal of room for improvement and education in Tanzania is in a relatively rapid state of transition.

Terrawatu has taken a lead in education efforts by entering into partnerships with several schools to create long-term relationships between Tanzanian schools, their counterparts in the United States, and individuals and organizations providing informational, technological, and financial support from around the world. Our hope is that all come to learn from each other, creating an important bridge linking indigenous and modern worlds.

We have implemented dozens of projects at primary and secondary school level in Tanzania in an effort to share our expertise in information communication technology (ICT) and environmental problem-solving.

Read on to learn more about Terrawatu's educational success stories: IT in schools - creating global classrooms; making space and cooking meals for school children by constructing classrooms and kitchens; encouraging Tanzanian children to complete primary education and continue onto secondary school and beyond with our Child School Sponsorship (CSS) program; and pioneering environmental education with our partnership with Roots & Shoots.