Apprentice Training

Apprentice Lesikar now employed at Gibbs Farm
Apprentice Lesikar now employed at Gibbs Farm

Since its founding, Terrawatu has been training young people from the Maasai tribe to re-discover and build upon the traditional knowledge of their ancestors. The work has paid off for several young men and women who have moved on to create their own successful businesses.

In addition, upscale lodges have asked Terrawatu to recommend and train young Maasai healers and herbalists for employment at their facilities. Visitors to Tanzania are keen to learn about the medicinal plants that are indigenous to the area and some want to be treated by a knowledgeable Maasai healer.

Many Maasai warriors have apprenticed with Ole Sululu and his colleagues and are now employed in both upscale lodges and in health clinics in towns and cities throughout Tanzania.