Integrated Health Clinics

Mianzini integrated health clinic
Mianzini integrated health clinic

In tandem with boosting the supply of traditional medicinal plants by cultivating tree nurseries and spreading indigenous healing knowledge, Terrawatu constructed traditional and integrated medicine clinics around Arusha to serve both local and expatriate populations.

In 2005, the World Bank Grants Facility for Indigenous Peoples awarded Terrawatu a grant to support this effort. Co-funded by the Tonlie Fund, Gibbs Farm and individual supporters around the world, Terrawatu used the funds to:

  • Complete construction of three traditional medicine clinics around Arusha town;
  • Employ Maasai traditional healers and educate them on ways to enhance their practice in the town setting;
  • Systemitize the treatment of malaria, diabetes, typhoid, high blood pressure, the opportunistic infections caused by HIV infection and other diseases using plant-based medicine and traditional healing techniques.

Apprentices from rural villages work under the guidance of elder doctors in order to pass on what was once a dying art.

The clinics also serve as headquarters for the development of Maasai Herbal Tea blends. The product is available locally in northern Tanzania.

Terrawatu managed three integrated medicine clinics staffed by traditional healers and their apprentices.